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Na této stránce naleznete přehled hudby ve Star Treku rozdělený podle seriálů. Dočtete se také informace o autorech hudby, nebo o "hrajících, zpívajících" hercích a postavách.


Star Trek Best Of Vol. I

CD obsahuje:

Alexander Courage:
Star Trek: The Original Series Main Title 1:02
Jerry Fielding (The Trouble with Tribbles):
Kirk Out / Barrel of Trouble / Tribble Hooks Kirk / Poor Jonesy / A Matter of Pride / Come on Spock / Hissing Tribbles / Dead Heap 5:19
The Muzak Maker / The Scherzo Maker 1:36
A Matter of Pride / No Tribble at All / Big Fite 4:05
Alexander Courage a Jerry Goldsmith, aranžmá: Dennis McCarthy:
Star Trek: The Next Generation Main Title 1:48
Ron Jones (Heart of Glory):
Moment of Decision / Battle Signs / Geordi's Vision / Looking for Life Signs / Imminent Destruction 8:29
A Klingon's Feelings / Let's Make a Phaser / Heart of Glory 6:30
Jay Chattaway (Inner Light):
Orchestrální suita z epizody The Inner Light 6:36
Dennis McCarthy
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Main Title (Season 4) 1:54
Dennis McCarthy (The Visitor):
Rainy Night 1:08
Steve O's Cue / Freaked Out 3:07
Dad Admonishes 3:11
One Last Visit 2:57
Second Chance 1:13
Jerry Goldsmith
Star Trek: Voyager Main Title (extended version) 2:22
Dennis McCarthy (Heroes and Demons):
Last Hope 2:31
Dr. Schweitzer 1:19
Armagonnen 1:47
Where's Freyal / To the Rescue 6:48


Star Trek: Best of Vol. II


CD obsahuje:

Alexander Courage:
Theme from Star Trek (season 1 strings arrangement) :51
Fred Steiner (The Corbomite Maneuver):
Radiation / Cube Radiation / Baby Balok / Fesarius Approaches 4:29
Fred Steiner (Balance of Terror):
Romulan Warship / Romulan Theme / Centurion 3:42
Fred Steiner (What Are Little Girls Made of):
Meet Andrea / Big Ruk / Ruk Protests 4:39
Fred Steiner (Balance of Terror):
In Chapel 1:18
Theme from Star Trek (lounge mix) 1:39
Dennis McCarthy (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine):
Theme from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (season 4) 1:55
Dennis McCarthy (Way of the Warrior):
Dry Run 1:31
Medieval Harp Source 2:57
Evil Empire 1:35
"Yo!" 4:08
Worf II 1:47
J. Davenport and E. Cooley G (His Way):
"Fever" 1:47
Jerry Goldsmith:
Theme from Star Trek: Voyager** 1:47
David Bell (Bride of Chaotica):
Begin Chapter 18 / Presenting...Arachnia 4:21
Confinement Rings / Segue to Torres 3:07
Chaotica is Defeated / Distortions 3:43
Chaotica's Last Words / The End? 1:05
Alexander Courage a Jerry Goldsmith, aranžmá Dennis McCarthy:
Theme from Star Trek: The Next Generation (season 2) 1:40
Dennis McCarthy (All Good Things):
Here Comes the Judge II / To the Rescue 5:59
Primalosity 2:29
Courage 3:31
Saved Again 2:26
I Have a Gun :52

Space and Beyond Volume I


CD 1
2001: A Space Odyssey 1:50
SFX: Apollo 13 lift-off :52
Apollo 13: Main Title 3:02
The Right Stuff: Finale 4:42
SFX: Accelerated Protein Synthesis in Alien Organism 1:01
Species: End Titles 7:49
Lifeforce: End Title 4:00
SFX: The Nostromo 1:00
Alien: End Title 3:55
Capricorn One: Overture 3:19
Cocoon: Theme 7:24
SFX: Event Horizon 1:24
The Black Hole: Suite 4:58
The Empire Strikes Back: Han Solo and the Princess 4:11
Heavy Metal: Taarna's Theme 5:38
SFX: Dogfight 1:30
Enemy Mine: Fyrine IV / Scavengers / Drac Holy Council / The Relationship 9:40
Close Encounters of the Third Kind: The Conversation Begins :52
Close Encounters of the Third Kind: Main Title / Resolution and Finale 7:23

CD 2
2001: A Space Odyssey: Prelude: The Dawn of Man 1:34
2001: A Space Odyssey: Space Station Docking 2:56
Star Wars: Main Theme 5:27
SFX: Warp Drive :45
Star Trek: TV Theme 2:23
Star Trek: The Motion Picture: End Title 3:58
SFX: Away Team :54
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Theme (Concert Version) 3:57
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: He's Toast (from "Life Support") 3:40
SFX: The Bridge :30
Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan: Overture 6:34
Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home: End Title 3:33
Star Trek: The Next Generation: Tasha's Farewell (from "Skin of Evil") 9:16
SFX: Battle Stations :31
Star Trek V: The Final Frontier: Life is a Dream 4:04
Star Trek: Voyager: Main Title 2:00
Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country: End Title Suite 6:32
SFX: Crash Landing :47
Star Trek Generations: Overture 4:41


Space nad Beyond Volume II


CD 1
Mars Attacks: Introduction and Main Title 4:02
The Day the Earth Stood Still: Outer Space / Radar / Farewell and Finale 5:43
Dune: Suite 8:44
Star Trek: The Motion Picture: Klingon Battle 5:38
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: One Last Visit 3:10
Star Trek: First Contact: End Title Suite 5:12
When Worlds Collide: Main Title / Foreward / Doomsday Drawing / The Takeoff / The New World 8:28
Battle Beyond the Stars: Theme 4:06
The Thing from Another World: Main Title / The Melting Sequence / The Thing Electrocuted 7:36
Twilight Zone: The Movie: End Title Suite 6:29
Battlestar Galactica: Prologue / Main Title / The Destruction of Peace / A Chance to Live / Exodus One 11:11
Stargate: Giza 1928 / Going Home 4:47

CD 2
Forbidden Planet: Prelude 3:15
The Planets: Mars, The Bringer of War 8:09
Contact: End Title 8:48
Starship Troopers: Bugs! 2:08
Starship Troopers: Fed Net March 5:04
Predator: Theme 4:09
War of the Worlds: Main Title and Introduction / Martian Man Dies / Evacuation and Finale 10:40
The Empire Strikes Back: The Imperial March 3:12
Invaders from Mars: End Title 3:46
Space: Above and Beyond: Suite 7:30
V: Theme 1:50
Starman: End Title (Symphonic Version) 4:46
Independance Day: End Title Suite 9:08
The Thing from Another World: The Things Lives! 2:07


Space and beyond Volume III


CD 1
Aliens: Prelude / Ripley's Rescue 5:54
Ghostbusters: Main Theme 3:12
It Came From Outer Space: The Thing Strikes / Desert Rendezvous 4:18
Strange Invaders: Suite 8:29
Judge Dredd: Suite 4:50
Robocop: Rock Shop / Home / Van Chase / The Dream 9:32
The Time Machine: London 1900 / Filbey's Theme 2:28
Back to the Future: Main Theme 3:27
The Cape: Main Theme 3:12
Star Trek: The Menagerie Suite 8:28
Starfleet Academy: Opening 4:02
Star Trek: Insurrection: End Title Suite 5:06

CD 2
The Last Starfighter: Main Theme 3:08
Silent Running: The Space Fleet 4:09
Journey to the Far Side of the Sun: Main Theme / The Sleeping Astronauts / Finale 5:57
Lost in Space: End Title 3:29
Galaxy Quest: Suite 7:14
Things to Come: The Children's Ballet 3:46
Things to Come: March 3:59
The Matrix: Anything is Possible 8:10
Meteor: End Titles Suite 5:05
Deep Impact: The Wedding 4:18
Armageddon: Harry & Grace / Launch 5:09
Star Wars: The Phantom Menace: The Flag Parade 3:18
Star Wars: The Phantom Menace: Anakin's Theme 2:51
Star Wars: The Phantom Menace: The Adventures of Jar Jar 3:26
Star Wars: The Phantom Menace: Duel of the Fates 4:10


Star Trek: The Ultimate Star Trek

Star Trek - Main Theme 1:24
Star Trek: First Contact - End Credits 5:27
Star Trek: The Trouble with Tribbles - Suite 4:19
Star Trek: The Motion Picture - The Enterprise 6:11
Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan - End Credits 6:07
Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home - End Credits 2:49
Star Trek V: The Final Frontier - End Credits 3:54
Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country - End Credits 7:45
Star Trek: Generations - Overture 3:51
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Main Title 2:17
Star Trek: Voyager - Main Title 2:12
Star Trek: Insurrection - End Credits 5:43

Star Trek: Astral Symphony


Life is a Dream* (Star Trek V) 3:57 
The Meld (Star Trek) 3:16 
Returning to Vulcan (Star Trek III) 4:56 
Battle in the Mutara Nebula (Star Trek II) 8:04 
Enterprise Clears Moorings (Star Trek II) 3:33 
Chekov's Run (Star Trek IV) 1:21 
Ilia's Theme (Star Trek) 3:01 
Without Help (Star Trek V) 4:20 
The Enterprise (Star Trek) 6:00 
Prologue and Main Title* (Star Trek III) 6:30 
Hospital Chase (Star Trek IV) 1:13 
The Whaler (Star Trek IV) 2:00 
An Angry God (Star Trek V) 6:58 
Genesis Countdown (Star Trek II) 6:37 
The Katra Ritual (Star Trek III) 4:32 
Home Again: End Credits* (Star Trek IV) 5:37 

Symphonic Star Trek

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